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换换 Baneks

– 自由换汇App –

加拿大持牌金融机构, 接受政府监管.100%安全可靠.

手机App交易, 操作简单, 在线中文客服, 无需再跑银行.

比银行还要优惠的汇率, 无任何手续费.

5大银行至少1天到帐, 我们只要5分钟.
收付款方式灵活, 支持微信\支付宝\银行转账\EMT等.

交易破亿, 数万人的换汇选择.

换换Baneks | 自由换汇App

Baneks 2020

Baneks’ payment and currency exchange service is provided by Panda Communications Corp, which is registered as a Money Services Business (‘MSB’) with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).

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